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ftm Hot Topics 11 June, 2011
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Hot Topic - Social Media

Life Was So Much Easier When There Were Fewer Words - June 8, 2011
Words and phrases enter common usage in the natural evolution of languages. Media plays a large role in this, simplifying, repeating and popularizing everyday expression. Popular culture is an irresistible force, climbing the most formidable barricades.

Out Of Control And Good As Gold - May 23, 2011
“Modern technology is totally out of control,” the UK’s highest legal authority announced, drawing to a close another week filled with news of the unleashed and unhinged. The faster it spins, though, the more it’s worth. And the world did not end Saturday.

The Social Network 2.0: Get Me Rewrite! - February 23, 2011
Fascinated as we are as humans in trends and novelties, social media’s ascendance has spawned study upon study. Consumers like social media, certainly, but some more than others. Social media communicates, except when it doesn’t.

Social Media Secrets For Broadcasters - February 16, 2011
To follow conventional wisdom, every media outlet would now be engaged with social media. Attracting Twitter followers and Facebook fans more than simply compliments audience marketing it may become just as important. There are a few secrets to engaging those who want to engage.

Ideas Old, New And Others - February 14, 2011
As events in Egypt unfolded over these last three weeks, media has been part of the story. The effects of new media, television and censorship on the changing narratives will occupy analysts until the next big event arrives. Decisive or not, without media, there was no story and everybody had a role.

Social Media The Key To Success For A Newspaper’s Web Site? - November 24, 2010
Rupert Murdoch’s Australian newspapers have taken a look at the pay walls erected around his UK Times and Sunday Times and have basically told the boss, “Thanks, but no thanks.” They’re going to use a more social media-friendly approach.

Brands In Real Time - September 20, 2010
When it comes to business, success means customers. The media sector is no different. There’s a conversation going on, if broadcasters and publisher choose to listen in.

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