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Over time, articles and information related to specific subjects are compiled into dossiers, available in PDF or printed form. They are available to ftm members at no additional charge.

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Media in Spain - Diverse and Challenged – new

Media in Spain is steeped in tradition. yet challenged by diversity. Publishers hold great influence, broadcasters competing. New media has been slow to rise and business models for all are under stress. Rich in language and culture, Spain's media is reaching into the future and finding more than expected. 123 pages, PDF. January 2018

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The Campaign Is On - Elections and Media

Elections campaigns are big media events. Candidates and issues are presented, analyzed and criticized in broadcast and print. Media is now more of a participant in elections than ever. This ftm Knowledge file reports on news coverage, advertising, endorsements and their effect on democracy at work. 84 pages. PDF (September 2017)

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Fake News, Hate Speech and Propaganda

The institutional threat of fake news, hate speech and propaganda is testing the mettle of those who toil in news media. Those three related evils are not new, by any means, but taken together have put the truth and those reporting it on the back foot. Words matter. This ftm Knowledge file explores that light. 48 pages, PDF (March 2017)

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The Millennials

In the media sphere nothing is more important than knowing the audience. Once in a generation a target group evolves to catch the attention of publishers and broadcasters, advertisers and media buyers, social critics and politicians. The Millennials, also known as Generation Y and digital natives, are it, with unique characteristics and behaviors. They have already reshaped everything we do. 35 pages, PDF (December 2016)

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State Aid - Media Rules

National authorities have at their disposal a variety of economic measures to stimulate, develop and improve competitive market sectors. Sometimes they miss the big picture or have special circumstances. Within the European Union an executive branch of the European Commission stands ready to clarify the rules of each and every game. State Aid rules are developing as the playing field gets bigger. 35 pages, PDF (September 2016)

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Social Media Matures (...believe it or not...)

Hundreds of millions use social media, billions even. It has spawned revolutions, excited investors and confounded traditional media. With all that attention a business model remains unclear or it's simply so different many can't see it. What is clear is that there's no turning back. 114 pages, PDF (July 2016)

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Investigative Reporting

Investigative reporters have a storied honor among journalists. Praise is less forthcoming from those with secrets, often ready to use all possible means - legal and otherwise - to avoid detection. New tools are emerging to shed light and tell all. This ftm Knowledge file explores methods, old and new, and the forces prefering darkness. 54 pages PDF (May 2016)

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Media in the Middle East and North Africa

The striking contrasts in the MENA region’s media are the hopes for new media, fears for traditional publishing and broadcasting amidst conflict and insecurity. This ftm Knowledge file notes the accomplishments and the reversals. 90 pages PDF includes Resources (April 2016)

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Media Measurement - Changing Times

The times are changing and so is media measurement. Everybody wants more, faster and better. As online and mobile metrics grow measurement of all other media must adapt. 101 pages PDF (March 2016)

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Streaming Everything

Great streams of media are flooding digital devices, faster and faster with each new G. Streaming audio and video are either the surfboard riding the digital wave or just another tech Titanic. As investors pile in the cash broadcasters experience another panic attack. This story's just beginning. 49 pages PDF (January 2016)

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Media in Poland

Poland is the largest media market of the newest EU Member States and the changes have often been surprising, sometimes radical and never ending. Publishers, broadcasters and new media are plentiful, talented and under constant stress not only from competitors. 122 pages PDF, includes updated Resources (January 2016)

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We've Gone Mobile - And Nothing's The Same

Consumers have taken to smartphones in huge numbers. Competition among device makers, telecoms and content producers has created an insatiable demand. With so much volume markets are fragmenting... and nothing's the same. 152 pages PDF (August 2015)

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Few pure media brands transcend borders and boundries to acheive the iconic status of the BBC. The institution has come to define public service broadcasting. Yet missteps, errors and judgment questions fuel critics. The BBC battles those critics and competitors and, sometimes, itself. 155 pages PDF (August 2015)

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Google Is... Still

Google's leaders say their goal is to change the world. And they have. Far more than a search engine, Google has impact over every media sector and beyond, from consumer behavior to broadcasting and advertising to newspapers. That impact is detailed in this ftm Knowledge file. 116 pages PDF (April 2015)

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The Curtain Falls - Media Rises

This updated set of essays focuses on the dramatic changes in Europe's media that began with the fall of the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain thereafter; Germany in 1989, new media rules,transition of State broadcasting to public broadcasting, refocus for international broadcasting, the rise of commercial broadcasting and the importance of youth culture. PDF (December 2014)

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Media in the Baltics - New World Order

By the time Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined the European Union they were known as the Baltic Tigers. The media sector grew spectacularly with big multi-nationals investing. Times have changed. This ftm Knowledge file reports the changes, new opportunities and lingering ghosts. 63 pages PDF (October 2014)

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The Privacy Issue

The privacy issue touches every aspect of media. From consumer protection and the rights of individuals to news coverage privacy is hotly debated. New media and old media stumble and the courts decide. ftm offers views from every side of the Privacy Issue. 68 pages. PDF (July 2014)

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Media in Greece, Cyprus and Macedonia

The Greek media world has been turned upside down in recent years. Financial constraints coupled with political confusion seem endless while digital media promises a new future. Media in Cyprus, largely tied to Greece, shows certain signs of stress while media in neighboring Macedonia remains under stress. This ftm Knowledge file explores the bright spots and all the rest. Includes updated Resources. 82 pages PDF (June 2014)

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Public Broadcasting - Arguments, Battles and Changes

Public broadcasters have - mostly - thrown off the musty stain of State broadcasting. And audiences for public channels are growing. But arguments and battles with politicians, publishers and commercial broadcasters threatens more changes. The ftm Knowledge file examines all sides. 168 pages PDF (March 2014)

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Media in Romania and Moldova

The profile of Romania's media scene is complicated. Changes take place often as multi-national media houses exit and "colorful" local owners take over. Neighboring Moldova faces its own set of challenges. This ftm Knowledge file details the rough road to sustainable media. Includes updated Resources. 60 pages PDF (February 2014)

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Media in Bulgaria

Media in Bulgaria faces many challenges. After big media houses rushed in with EU accession recession, corruption and confusion have taken a toll. Yet the Bulgarian media landscape is unique and interesting. This ftm Knowledge file highlights the difficulties and opportunities. Includes updated Resources. 46 pages PDF (December 2013)

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Television News - Bright Lights, Big Coverage

The global reach of television news has never been greater. The digital age has expanded that reach to satellite channels and the Web but it has also forced television news to mature. This ftm Knowledge file shows the gains and the pains. 99 pages PDF (October 2013)

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Europe's Radio - Western Europe

Opportunity meets tradition in Western Europe's radio broadcasting. Change has come fast and yet oh, so slowly. This ftm Knowledge file contains material and resources on public and private radio broadcasting in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Netherlands and Switzerland. 244 pages. Resources. PDF (September 2013)

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Media in Turkey

With roots in the East and branches in the West, media in Turkey is big, bold and sometimes government controlled. This ftm Knowledge file shows the size and the shape of this rich media market. 62 pages PDF includes Resources (August 2013)

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Media in Germany

Home to Europe's biggest broadcasters and publishers, Germany is a highly competitive media market. Transition to digital television was easy, other media not so simple, unsuprising with Germany's complex regulation and business structures. This Knowledge file reports on media leaders and followers. Includes Resources 214 pages PDF (July 2013)

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Media Laws - Digital Dividend

Lawmakers and lawyers are challlenged by the new digital reality. We've seen new rules proposed, enacted, dismissed and changed as quickly as technology takes a new turn. The ftm Knowledge file looks at the grand plans and their consequences. 76 pages PDF (April 2013)

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Europe’s Radio – Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe’s radio writes new rules. In fact, most everything about radio in this region is new... and changes often. The ftm Knowledge file reports on Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. 159 pages PDF (April 2013)

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Western Balkans - The Struggle For Order And Independence

ftm reporting explores media development and investment in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia / Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Albania. Emerging from conflict broadcasters, publishers and governments face ghosts of the past to forge a new future. Includes Resources, 78 pages PDF (February 2013)

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Media Business Models Emerging

After a rough transition media business models are emerging. Challenges remain. There are Web models, mobile models, free models, pay models and a few newer models. It makes for exciting times. This ftm Knowledge file examines emerging business models and the speed-of-light changes. 137 pages PDF (January 2013)

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Europe’s Radio – Northern Europe

Northern Europe’s radio has a very digital sound. And change is in the air. Economic challenges abound for both public and commercial broadcasters. The ftm Knowledge file reports on Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and the UK. 144 pages PDF includes Resources (November 2012)

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The Games People Watch

Media and sports are a powerful combination. Together they capture huge audiences and considerable money. This ftm Knowledge file looks at the competition from football rights battles and cycling coverage with new media to the Olympic Games. 82 pages PDF (October 2012)

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Media in Italy

The Italian media market is totally unique and very competitive. Italian consumers are quickly embracing new media and the advertising community is quickly changing. And hovering close is Italy's richest person - Silvio Berlusconi. 112 pages, includes Resources, PDF (October 2012)

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Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation and 21st Century Fox

News Corporation is a highly competitive media giant a global, multi-media footprint. From paywalls and pay-TV to tabloid troubles and new ventures the media industry watches Rupert Murdoch. Update includes family ties, succession plans and other News Of The World. 210 pages PDF (September 2012)

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Digital Radio - Possibilities and Probabilities

Digital radio has many platforms. From broadcast platforms to internet radio and rapidly emerging smartphone platforms, listeners and broadcasters have choices galore and decisions to make. Some regulators have made up their minds, others not, some hedging their bets. This ftm Knowledge file details the possibilities for digital broadcasting and the probabilities for success. Includes Resources 149 pages PDF (August 2012)

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Media in Africa - Growing Pains

Africa's media has a dynamic all its own. Its newspapers, television, radio and advertising are world-class. New media is taking hold. At the same time, some governments seek blinding repression. This ftm Knowledge file looks at the great and not-so-great. Includes Resources 82 pages PDF (July 2012)

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Media in Scandinavia

Big media companies in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are riding a sea of change. The digital media revolution is nowhere more apparent than in Scandinavia. This ftm Knowledge file Media in Scandinavia looks at rapid change in the most 'wired' neighborhood. 103 pages PDF, Resources (June 2012)

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China and Media

For the media world China both entices and exasperates. Potentials in this youthful and rapidly developing country are huge. Yet media freedoms are far below world standards. This ftm Knowledge file peers over the Great Wall. Includes Resources 79 pages PDF (May 2012)

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Digital Transitions

Media's transition from analogue to digital has opened opportunities and unleashed challenges beyond the imagination. Media is connected and mobile yet fettered by old rules and new economics. Broadcasters and publishers borrow from the past while inventing whole new services. This ftm Knowledge file explores the changes. 88 pages PDF (March 2012)

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Media in Spain and Portugal

The Iberian Peninsula is home to media with vast international reach. Yet, at home the economic crisis has taken its toll. The ftm Knowledge file profiles Spanish and Portuguese public and private media as it struggles to cope. Includes Resources 61 pages PDF (March 2012)

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Media in Russia

Media in Russia is big business and big politics. Media companies are consolidating as they move into new media and new territories. At the same time independence is still questioned. It's all changing. ftm looks at media in Russia and its neighbors, includes Resources, 124 pages. PDF file (January 2012)

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Press/Media Freedom - Challenges and Concerns

Press and media freedom worldwide is facing challenges from many corners. As authoritarian leaders impose strict control over traditional and new media with impunity, media watchers have concerns for democracy. This ftm Knowledge file accounts the troubles of this difficult decade. 88 pages. PDF (December 2011)

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Media in France

French audiences are moving fast to every new platform. Mobile and Web media challenges the old guard while rule makers seek new directions. Media life in France... and a few secrets. includes updated Resources 147 pages PDF (November 2011)

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Media in the South Caucasus and Central Asia

Countries of the old Silk Road still have many threads in common; authoritarian regimes, State controlled media, poor press freedom records. Yet they have strategic relevance to Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Their media landscape is dotted with failures and, even, a few triumphs with new media gaining importance. This ftm Knowledge file covers Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Includes Resources. 46 pages PDF (October 2011)

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The Happy Advertising People

The advertising people are spending again. But things are different now and media people are feeling it. New media attracts attention and advertisers want to be where the action is. This ftm Knowledge file looks at the paradox of media and advertising. 120 pages PDF (September 2011)

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International Broadcasting - Platforms and Politics

International broadcasting is more than voices across borders. It's moved to television and the Web. Legacy broadcasters are reducing their footprint while newcomers are expanding. This ftm Knowledge file looks at all sides. 55 pages PDF (July 2011)

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Media Development - Emerging Markets / Converging Platforms

Media development in emerging and transitional democracies has never been more important and never more challenging. With everything else, new media and the web are both opportunities and complications. The ftm Knowledge file reviews the changes. 54 pages PDF (March 2011)

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Intellectual Property Rights - Yours, Mine and Ours

Every content creator and user has a vested interest in intellectual property rights, the rules meant to set a course for fair distribution of art, music, video and the written word. Agreement on those rules is not absolute. This ftm Knowledge file explores what's yours, mine and ours. 42 pages PDF (March 2011)

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Media Laws – New and Revised

Policy makers and politicians are writing and rewiting media laws and rules at a breakneck pace. As broadcasters and publishers grapple with changes brought about by digital development, new business models and financial distress, the new media is feeling rules tightening around it. From licensing and public broadcasting to privacy, piracy and copyright this ftm Knowledge file Media Laws – New and Revised summarizes new laws and revised laws from a media perspective. 135 pages PDF (December 2010)

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Television in the UK

Viewers in the UK love their 'telly'. The BBC is under pressure, BSkyB expanding, ITV and Channel Five are under new management. Hardly a week goes by without a complaint, new rules or other change. 58 pages PDF (October 2010)
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UK Newspapers

The newspaper market in the UK is among the worlds most competitive. The publishers are colorful, editors daring, journalists talented and readers discerning. ftm follows the leaders, the readers, the freebies and the tabloids. 83 pages PDF (October 2010)
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Music & Media - Changing Scene

You can hear the pulse of life in music, they say. For the music industry that heartbeat is frantic as business models disappear and reappear. Media has loves music, too, just not in the same ways. This ftm Knowledge file covers the tale of two worlds intertwined. 78 pages PDF (September 2010)
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Cars And You - Media, Automobiles and Advertising

The media business and the automobile sector have complimented each other for decades. Media has given automakers a platform for setting high standards for brand building. Consumers have changed habits forcing new thinking. This ftm Knowledge file reports on media, automobiles and advertising. 30 pages PDF (June 2010)
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Media in South East Europe

The countries of South East Europe are a mix of EU Members - Greece, Romania and Bulgaria - and two on the fringes - Macedonia and Moldova. The region has media billionaires and big broadcasters vying for ad share and market position. Challenges, not just on the fringes, remain daunting. Includes Resources. 56 pages PDF (May 2010)
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Bertelsmann/RTL - Europe's Biggest

Few media groups have the scale and dynamics of Bertelsmann. From austere beginnings as a hymnal publisher, it has become the dominant European publisher and broadcaster through subsidiaries RTL and Gruner + Jahr. And it's arms reach around the world. ftm explores Bertelsmann and RTL. 30 pages. PDF (April 2010)
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The Paper Its Printed On

Newsprint, printing presses and page design are the basic components of the print media. The ftm Knowledge file tells the story. Includes 30 articles. 65 pages PDF (March 2010)
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Media in Austria and Switzerland

Media in the alpine countries Austria and Switzerland shares many similarities. In addition to language, there are strong publishers, very strong public broadcasters and emerging private sector radio and television. This ftm Knowledge file looks at the mountains and valleys, innovative and creative. Includes Resources. 63 pages PDF (October 2009)
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High Finance – Media and Money

Revenue is harder to find. Costs are harder to control. White knights are in hiding. Nothing is easy. The ftm Knowledge file High Finance – Media and Money – looks at where it has gone and where it is going. 94 pages PDF (May 2009)
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Competition Rules and Competition Authorities

Fair or unfair, the media marketplace invites the microscope of national competition and cartel authorities as well as the European Commission. This ftm Knowledge file details the upsand downs of mergers and acquistions questioned and sometimes quashed. How media competes is defined by the rules and sometimes fears. Includes 31 articles, resources. 61 pages PDF (November 2008)

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Free Newspapers - They are everywhere...

The free newspaper phenomenon is rocking media landscapes across the world. This ftm Knowledge file looks at publishers and their battles in the UK, Europe and the US. Includes data on the successes and weaknesses. 81 pages PDF (October 2008)
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Media Brands - Much More Than A Name

From Apple and the BBC to Google, KISS, Prince and NRJ... media brands inspire and engage. What makes a strong media brand? This ftm Knowledge file looks at brand basics and brand strategies for broadcasters, publishers and new media. 25 articles, 65 pages. PDF file (July 2008)
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The State of the Print Media in the World

ftm reports on the World Association of Newspapers Congresses - 2005-2008. Includes WAN readership studies, WEF press freedom studies, newspapers and new media, African media and journalism, Russian media and Russian politics, press freedom. 118 pages. PDF file (June 2008)
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Children, Television and Advertising - Many rules, more debates, few results

Television for children is threatened. Advertising to children discouraged. And young people move to new media. As broadcasters retreat, advertisers move to the internet. Will Web rules follow? This ftm Knowledge file details the debate and consequences. 69 pages PDF (March 2008)
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Big Media Deals - Consolidators, Moguls, Private Equity and End Games

Big media deals are exciting to watch. The recent biggest deals - Dow Jones, ProSiebenSat, the Tribune Company and Emap - show the effects of the business cycle meeting dreams, strategies and private equity. This ftm Knowledge file details these four BIG MEDIA DEALS and their effects. 83 pages PDF (March 2008)
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We Love Celebrities - the press, popular culture and paparazzi - ftm Knowledge file

From pop stars to politicians, Royals and reporters fascination with celebrities sells media. ftm looks at the latest, greatest and most remembered flings and flops. Complete with pictures! 50 pages PDF (December 2007)
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The Six Radio Brands

European radio brand styles and strategies described with illustrations from current radio practice. 100 pages. PDF file
Read more about The Six Brands

Flying Through Turbulence – Media in the New EU Member States

ftm reports on media in the 12 newest EU Member States. Will media find clear air or more turbulence? Country reports, company reports and broadcaster/publisher reports. 98 pages PDF file (February 2007)

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European Public Service Radio - Cultural Consequences

Working paper exploring the relationship between European culture and public service broadcasting, written in September 2003 and occasionally updated.

FANS/Radio Research

Description of radio audience segmentation in the United States.
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