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Happy Advertising People

Give us your cookies, ad people
“advertising is a good thing”


The News Media

Fake news could be an opportunity, not just in Moldova
stand out in a crowd


Between A Grainy Photo And Dirt
grain of truth Suggestions that traditional news media died in 2016 as “post-truth” reality defined news - online and elsewhere - widely misses the mark. Disruption certainly has a place in civil society but not the only place. The ethos of journalism is easily dismissed but not, completely, forgotten. It’s just the hacks who send out press releases, whether touting a new experience for over-stimulated Millennials or sowing confusion among those “low-information” voters.

Something fishy in the state of journalism
To the barricades!


Big Business

Media Investment And The Big Squeeze
make lemonade Getting money from the web is no longer about simply selling ads. There’s branded content, merchandising, talent management, all kinds of goodies. Multiple revenue streams excite investors, traditional ad money so last century. The quest for scale, however, is eternal.




Press Freedom

Reporters banned from right-wing conclave
annoying media

Hitting Them Where It Hurts
“free media”

Topping the 2016 list for all the wrong reasons
new dubious leader

Union pickets parliament over new reporting rules
Disorder in the house

It was a day like all days in this brave new media world
not quite OK

Journalists, refugees in their own land
“We have to stop it”



TV complainers expect everything to get better
“despise censorship”


Online News

Online news portals fade away
rise and fall


ftm Radio Page
Radio in Norway

Losing the signal, audience or plot?
let's go to the phones

Digital transition faces political hold, broadcasters not amused
too late to turn back now

Radio in Africa

Broadcasters ordered closed for speaking
the climate worsens

Radio in Bulgaria

Oldies not goodies as broadcaster’s music rights cut off
rights fee could triple

Radio in France

New revenue streams found for radio broadcasters
bonus for lawyers

Radio in Spain

Shifts in audience boost some, trouble others
traditional channels, traditional audiences

Radio in Portugal

Broadcaster consolidates brand, adds frequencies
coast to coast

Radio in Switzerland

Pop-up channels to populate the universe, streaming is next
testing, 1, 2, 3


Media in China

Image is the message, soft-power shifts


ftm 2016 Greatest Hits

The end of 2016 arrives to celebration among more than a few in the media sphere. Journalism and press freedom took a beating with leaks, leakers, hate speech, propaganda and illiberal paranoia. New media is breaking out of borders as traditional media races to converge and merge. Advertising is all about algorithms, and ad blocking. And Millennials; we must remember. Here are the top 10 2016 reports from

Public Broadcasting

Public broadcasters win another round, most folks are OK with license fee
Millennials not OK