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Elections and Media

Media mistrust and distortion not just a social media problem
"similiar to illiberal democracies"

Change Only Frightens Voters Conditioned To Fear
stay put Media watchers toil diligently to bring malfeasance to light. Journalism sometimes leads, sometimes follows. Correction often follows that spotlight, where democratic values and the rule of law are respected. Elections are the antidote. Authoritarians have a different prescription.




After deafening election defeat, critical media scrambles for the exits
"the shrinking space"

Columnists flee newspaper, citing editorial independence
strange bedfellows

ftm Radio Page
Radio in France

Time Wonít Tell - It Just Gets In The Way
bite the tail that feeds you Patience has no virtue in the digital age. This is certainly the case for traditional media operators. Money and talent conflicts with time. The more spent, the quicker time runs out. And the long-tail easily falls from the chameleon.





Mergers and Acquisitions

Spring cleaning proceeds, radio first
new beginning, hopefully

Podcasts and Podcasting

Digital Media Hears The Footsteps, Literally
mord mord The search for new ways to squeeze attention from each and every human never ends. Add to that, curious people endlessly seek to satisfy that certain craving. The media world is in the midst of all this. Fortunately, algorithms have not - yet - replaced human senses.



Radio in Germany

Another FM shut-off crisis averted
money talks

Huge Dataset Makes Everything Possible, Statistics Not So Much
kitchen radio For the radio people growth is seen as coming from podcasts, smart speakers like Amazonís Alexa and mobile internet, anything that might appeal to ďad friendlyĒ young people. Out is the kitchen radio (whatís a kitchen?) and the automobile (whatís a car?), all so last century. There is so much to learn.



Radio in the Czech Republic

When the seller is ready the buyer appears
cat out of the bag

Digital Radio

Digital transition has, once again, changed
"now would be premature"

Media in Hungary

Tough times on the horizon, some exit, some don't
"severe erosion"

Sports and Media

Competition inquiry seeks to untangle TV sports
no comment all around

Press/Media Freedom

Publisher in jail, folds newspaper
spurious charges

In The Public Service

Media report shows publishers problem is not public broadcasting
"demanding transformational phase"

Populists Gleeful With Public Broadcaster Cuts
ham and beans Another public broadcaster is headed for major budget cuts mandated by politicians. Itís about more than economics, trimming the fat. Itís, again, about shortening that arms-length independence between public broadcasters and politicians to the thumb.



Fake News, Hate Speech and Propaganda

New strategy in fake news battle, standards and multiple fronts
"reversing this trend"

Scandal plagued government defines fake news
"wholly or partly false"

Investigative Reporting

Criminals Seek Revenge, Editors And Reporters Ask Whoís Next
dark highway Many major news outlets last week reported yet another attack on a journalist. It came at the beginning of the long Easter holiday. With deadly targeting of media workers seizing attention in recent weeks editors grabbed available details and splashed the headlines. A few days later, the story is a bit more nuanced.


News Mediaís Joint Investigation Succeeds, Mostly As Self-Defense
mighty fortress Dreadful events, sadly becoming more common, can have a lasting effect on public opinion. Even as tough as they are believed to be, reporters and editors are not immune. The 2015 attack on the Charlie Hebdo Paris office scarred French journalism. There have been others. There is no fortress.


The Happy Advertising People

Into never-never land with your favorite bot
"banners not so popular"

Big Business - Mergers and Acquisitions

Legacies Lost Easily, Perhaps Not Forgotten
just hang on Media barons hold an outsized standing in public consciousness. If the journalistic pen is powerful, television is almighty. That would make the web and social media omnipotent, as they believe. Well-known media barons are fading away; some by choice, some not. Climbing without a tether can be dicey but hanging is forever.