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The Happy Advertising People

Ad bots exploring new worlds of fun and profit

Ad bots taking over the planet, tech cheers, publishers moan
Who ya gonna call?

Fake News, Hate Speech and Propaganda

Fake news is a job creator
"certainly no money"

Media literacy promoted to deflate fake news, funding rises, smart people applaud
"readers like to wallow in their own prejudices"


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    Fake News, Hate Speech and Propaganda – new
    The institutional threat of fake news, hate speech and propaganda is testing the mettle of those who toil in news media. Those three related evils are not new, by any means, but taken together have put the truth and those reporting it on the back foot. Words matter. This ftm Knowledge file explores that light. 48 pages, PDF (March 2017)

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Media in the UK

Damage Is What Damage Does, Spare No Expense
and the girls sing Loyalty is a highly admired trait. It is necessary for soldiers, military and otherwise, to know that leaders and compatriots have their back, so to speak. To be resolute in battle means reciprocating. It is a matter of survival. In business, however, loyalty ends at the bottom line. This is a good thing.



Elections and Media

Diplomats grimace at election media coverage
"not good news"


ftm Radio Page
Radio in France

Broadcaster Feels Deck Chairs Sliding Away
slip sliding away Branding for media outlets can be complicated. Listeners, viewers and readers develop their preferences over years. Brand identity is, then, defined by expectations long developed giving huge advantage to traditional outlets. Needs, wants and expectations have, however, their own trajectory. Successful media brands manage their identities by watching their audiences. It doesn’t work the other way around.



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    France - National Radio Audience (April 2017)
    national channels, sectors, market share, reach/TSL


    Radio in the Czech Republic

    Along the highway radio silence, regulator wants answers
    get this show on the road

    National radio brand emerges for Millennials
    Kiss and be happy

    Streaming Media

    The Web Turns Professional On Purpose
    just for me A notable force in the rise of the World Wide Web has been its facility to engage people. Part of that is due to the ubiquity of internet and now mobile access. But people also just like to share their thoughts, personal and otherwise, and those of others in a rather non-binding way. Anybody can have a blog, website or pages on social media portals and invite others to their world, except in China and a few other places. Some of these are silly, some serious, a few actually become famous and make money. All of this could be coming to an end.



    Media in Hungary

    Leaked speech of TV executive raises the obvious
    "one big direction"


    Television Is The Reality

    Real Time TV Meets Mobile Viewers, Hysteria Breaks Out
    I Love Ringo Conventional wisdom holds that television, by and large, has reached a developmental pinnacle. The mass of TV output available worldwide would choke that supermassive black hole looming out there sucking up all light and energy. Viewers, however, mostly see what they’ve seen for the last three decades; series, films, sports and news framed the same. Gravity is irrefutable.






    TV broadcaster leaving TV for digital