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State Aid - Media Rules

Everybody And Everything Competes, Rules To Follow
on your mark Repurposing rules for the digital age is, at best, a tedious, time consuming job. But necessity is the mother of regulation. The media sector is particularly susceptible to digital anxieties in the midst of competition unforeseen only a few years ago, or moments, as the case seems to be. Those designing new media rules are sensitive to this. Competitive advantage is always suspect, though not well understood.


    ftm Knowledge
  • State Aid - Media Rules – new
    National authorities have at their disposal a variety of economic measures to stimulate, develop and improve competitive market sectors. Sometimes they miss the big picture or have special circumstances. Within the European Union an executive branch of the European Commission stands ready to clarify the rules of each and every game. State Aid rules are developing as the playing field gets bigger. 35 pages, PDF (September 2016)

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Press Freedom

Forget Me Knots And Memory Holes
memory hole The digital dividend continues to chill the journalistic air. Online services give too much or too little, attract too many people but far less revenue. Search engines and aggregators are the new street corner kiosks. Libraries store newspapers for hundreds of years or until the paper disintegrates. Nobody goes there in the smartphone age. They go online where nothing is lost or forgotten.




Copyrights - Media Rules

Rowing The Digital Boat
ahoy! The future is digital, everyone likes to chant in asymmetrical rhythm. Nobody wants to skip a beat lest storms and tides sink the boat. While the technology-blessed surf the waves to greater and greater riches, legacy media operators fear being stranded, friendless and penniless, on islands no longer safe havens, tax or otherwise. Rules, however, are like life preservers, buoyancy confused for safety.


Court separates free online access from copyright infringement
Your password, please


Digital Advertising

Consumers held hostage in war of flashing pixels
the future is digital


TV News

The lasting effect of pointing fingers
“not a pretty picture”


ftm Radio Page
Radio in Belgium

Foreign language station too foreign, suspended by regulator
there's still the web, so far

Radio in France

Summer audiences not so brave
still no Fun

Broadcaster waits for court ruling and, maybe, ratings
the trouble with being clever

Radio in Poland

Regional state broadcasters exploring cooperation
“share common values”

News channel bumps alt-music channel off FM
“What will I listen to?”

Online radio and streaming

Online radio ad revenues growing, obstacles abound
and then there's Spotify

Digital Radio

Broadcasters see digital transition through bigger chips
“no cut-off date for FM”

Digital uncertainty increases, money more than audience
global trends speeding on

Big Business

Breathing A Lost Art When Media Investment Goes Hostile
up, up and ways The air between traditional and new media is both rousing and scary. One is powered by legacy, the other by change. These are strong instincts, in their own right. Different languages are spoken, time measured by the clock or the deal. Asset value descends from the great void rather than shelf life.


Social Media Matures

The great robot un-friending
“Not today, and not in the future”

Robots, drones and algorithms make trending simple
detecting hoaxes

What Happens In The Real World, Just Like The Movie
Digital technology is unforgiving. Ones and zeros. Digital technology business is ruthless. The ones take all, no sharing. The zeros leave no trace, filtered out. Woe be onto those who expect a different outcome.

    ftm Knowledge
  • Social Media Matures (...believe it or not...)
    Hundreds of millions use social media, billions even. It has spawned revolutions, excited investors and confounded traditional media. With all that attention a business model remains unclear or it's simply so different many can't see it. What is clear is that there's no turning back. 114 pages, PDF (July 2016)

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Media in Greece

Pay To Play Or Fight Another Day
warriors Media owners, big and otherwise, are being challenged to put-up or shut-up, sometimes literally. Austerity economics mixed with a side of populism has opened the door for every government to think of broadcasting as a revenue opportunity. Then, too, accountability is a bigger issue than ever.




Media in Ukraine

Activists remove barricades from TV channel building
news editor reportedly removed, too


Media in Turkey

TV interview goes sour, diplomatic incident ensues
hand over that chip

No let-up in media purges
special removals


Media in the Middle East and North Africa

Hopes rise for media independence in the most difficult neighborhood
“a public good”