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Hot Topic - Germany Media

Blaming News Media For Extremism Tasty Low-hanging Fruit, Social Media Quite Bitter - October 2, 2017
For every sporting event media coverage starts early in the season. The tempo rises to the pre-game shows; lots of shouting and waving. The event itself is almost parenthetical. Itís the post-game analysis where everybody tries to appear reasoned and sober. So it is, too, with elections.

Ballast Overboard, TV Broadcasters Seek Ad Lift - August 31, 2017
Ad spending growth rates have long correlated with GDP growth rates, a lagging variable say the economists. Through the last decade TV ad spending led GDP growth, partly on the collapse of print advertising. That bubble has lost its lift. The worrying possibility of a disconnect appears to be another digital dividend.

Ideas May Change Day By Day But Advertising Is Forever - July 24, 2017
Advertising people, happy as always, trade in ideas, presented creatively. They also sell all sorts of stuff, proclaiming their creativity as beneficial or, at least, benign. Over the decades their efforts have undergone adjustments, sometimes by legal boundaries such as prohibitions on tobacco ads and sometimes by social convention. Ad-supported media businesses, then, grumble about losing money.

The Audience Could Be Pushing, Pulling Or Just Changing - March 10, 2017
With digital transition firmly taking hold of the fertile imagination, attention spans notwithstanding, firm data is ground control. More data should yield greater understanding. Indeed, it does. But that depends on what, exactly, folks want to understand. After that, everything is just as complex as it was last week.

Autocrats Face Sharpened Pen - March 6, 2017
The old ways are definitely out for news reporting. The new normal is a news cycle measured in micro-seconds and defined by social media. Autocrats expect reporters to recite the press releases and dig no more. Those who dare challenge are banished, jail to follow. And it creeps across borders.

Ideas Abound In Brave New Media World - February 6, 2017
Sharp, often scathing words and images in the news are meant to shock. Sometimes this sells, circulations and ratings boosted. A slap can also inform. Not all stories benefit from tact and subtlety. It is the privilege of a free press.

The Perils Of Litigating A Digital News Cycle - October 10, 2016
Feuding publishers and public broadcasters are by no means ready to put down their pens, pixels or pitchforks. Battles over the illusive digital dividend shuttle between courtrooms and smoke-filled rooms. Laws are unclear, politicians uneasy and time passes quickly. Litigating the past, in the digital age, is quite unproductive.

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