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Hot Topic - Media in Poland

Working With What Works: A Strategic Development - March 28, 2013
Broadcasters in search of all the nice things that come from increased market share often stare down competitors at every opportunity. Earning market share is costly and time consuming, developing the digital dividend even more so. Acquisitions are either hard to come by or very expensive. Then thereís cooperation.

Hold The Public Broadcasting Revolution, Just Run Out The Clock - September 3, 2012
The biggest challenge for public broadcasters, say some, isnít funding. Even the richest public broadcasters feel the heat, from commercial broadcasters, new media, publishers and, of course, the politicians. Itís existential. And the long debate sometimes runs out of time.

Itís All About The ShowÖUntil The Next One - June 7, 2012
Itís only a matter of hours now before the next big television event of the year. Broadcasters are offering more hours with more reporters and commentators. There will be HD, 3D, mobile TV and, well, more. Everybody is having a go at it, hoping to satisfy the insatiable fans. The accountants will have a go at it later.

Publisher Defies Gravity, Launches New Daily - August 18, 2011
Business decisions for publishers are based on the bottom line. It can be cruel. Sometimes, at least for the more entraprenurial, itís instinct. And itís always about timing.

Correctly Assessing Television Potential One Bone At A Time - August 15, 2011
Investors in television companies come in all sizes and styles. Some become operators, others players. The money in the television business just keeps on growing, which keeps investors on their toes lest one or two get broken.

Chaos Has Its Cost - December 14, 2009
Bankrupt public broadcaster spent millions on perks, bonuses and other fun as government cut revenue sources. Auditors looked down the rabbit hole and found too many consultants and outside lawyers. Meanwhile, thereís a new boss to be chosen.

As Big Broadcasters Fight For The Top, The Real Action is on the Web - October 26, 2009
Maybe the Ďlong tailí theory isnít completely dead. Big broadcasters are adding as many brand extensions as they can to bulk up sagging audiences. New channels - offered by others Ė are attracting a lot of attention.

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