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Hot Topic - Radio Audience

Details, The Devil And Plunging Audience - November 20, 2014
The closer we look at a market the more it changes. It is the lesson from physics for those pouring over numbers that dutifully report snapshots. The numbers are, of course, givers of life for all in the media. What was true yesterday is different today. “Let the devil take tomorrow,” said the songwriter.

Digital Is Just One Platform... We Have Others - October 24, 2014
Broadcasters have found many surprises in the digital dividend. Some are nice, others not quite. Audiences migrate with ease from one platform to another, looking for something new and different or old favorites. One trend suggests platform carries significant weight in brand choice and, of course, they keep changing.

Audience Demanding More, Gets Less, Turns Off - August 4, 2014
Audience acquisition means everything to a broadcaster. There’s content to be created, talent to be managed, marketing to be devised, promotions to be organized, distribution to be acquired. Hitting all the posts is difficult, costly and absolutely essential. Then there’s the market leader effect. When top brands falter, the entire category feels pain.

Taking The Bull By The Horns And Other Advice - July 21, 2014
It is a daily struggle, hourly actually, that fight for ratings. New ideas are always welcome, except when the audience gets irritated. Having a big, recognizable brand is always good, except when it gets tired. Then sometimes people go on holiday and everything changes.

It’s The Best Game Plan That Plays Well - July 17, 2014
How many sports metaphors can be fit into a programming plan? Everybody sees, finds, shifts or moves “the goal posts.” And everybody looks for, dodges or admires “the slam dunk.” After “kick off” keep your “eye on the ball.” There are more, just ask.

Broadcasters Hope Folks Will Forget Digital Dividend - May 19, 2014
Consolidation is an appealing business strategy. All those economies of scale bring joy to investor’s hearts, wherever that might be. After the digital dividend brought a decade of experimentation and fragmentation, media organizations are pulling back to leading brands. Market shares might be rising but consumers are still going digital, looking and listening for something new. It’s a quandary.

The Names In Spain Are On The Radio Large - April 23, 2014
Once upon a time, radio broadcasters could count on brand name benefit. Legacy brands have always held value through tough times and new entrants often adopted safe monikers, typically from a consultants list. Fast fragmenting tastes are giving music channels even more branding problems. Talk show hosts have become the new giants.

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