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Copyright Law, Fragments and Imagination - February 24, 2014
Intellectual property rights laws are undoubtedly overdue for revision. The digital age has, remarkably, expanded access to a wide range of words, songs, pictures and ideas. Creating all that is work, deserving recognition. The laws see the door to those works as either open or closed. The simple solution is finding a different door.

Platform Opportunity On Wheels - January 13, 2014
Automobile industry designers are in a quandary. Car buyers recovering from the pinch of recessions have once again changed their expectations. Infotainment more than wheels seems to be the marketing edge. The next step doesnít require much imagination.

Online, Asleep Or Dead - October 21, 2013
Now with economic crisis mostly averted, media people are returning to themes of old. Change has been so fatiguing. Media consumers just donít understand. The internet remains a curse. And young people are as perplexing as ever.

Games Changers And Media Killers - October 3, 2013
Thereís always something behind a brand. Thinkers on the subject say itís a story. The more potent, the more valuable. Magic has replaced fizz. Maybe things havenít changed so much.

Google Puts Shoe On Other Foot - June 24, 2013
Adaptability is by far the most important quality for successful digital strategy. Enormous effort is required as those wishing to reach and be reached search for competitive advantage. It is no longer sufficient to produce for listeners, viewers and readers content that compels, entertains and informs. As media operators embrace all the digital technologies necessary to thrill users and enable revenue streams they are finding legal certainties no longer certain at all.

The Digital Dividend Is Fun And Taxable - May 14, 2013
Yet another government commission has taken a shot at monetizing that digital dividend. Tax revenue sources are more agreeable, in theory, when pinned to the fun stuff. But taxing wine is, well, cultural. Thereís a quantum effect; the harder the digital dividend is chased the easier it gets away.

The Television Business Will Never Be The Same - May 13, 2013
The marketing geniuses in every field have worshiped at the premium offer temple for as long as sellers have been selling. Customers are told that for just a tiny bit more a whole new world of fun can be theirs. Itís popular because it works. Loss-leaders work, too.

Social Media's Peter Pan Moment - March 18, 2013
Technology is magic, things appear and then disappear. Molecules, figuratively speaking, are sometimes rearranged. The media realm embraces all, except when it doesnít. People, though, know what they want.

Copyright Law: Think Small And Thin - March 4, 2013
If the digital age needs dramatically different copyright law, the wait keeps getting longer. Legislatures looking to the past to chart the future choose vague language so everybody stays happy or, at least, quiet. And itís the small things that get in the way.

The Soup That Is Censorship - January 14, 2013
New media has taken its place as rabble rouser-in-chief. Torrents of tiny text can literally light up the sky. Even where censors try to pull the shades, people stay one line Ė or character Ė ahead. Anyway, itís all very good for business.

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