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Media in the Czech Republic

Broadcaster adjusts names, cleans books, looks ahead
"still confusing media world"


Media in Poland

Nasty campaign promise moves forward, publishers targeted
"with a vengence"


The Happy Advertising People

Yes, Virginia, Media Economics Is Still Zero-Sum
Bad Santa If disruption is the key to success, these are the best of times. Nothing is as it was a year ago, even five minutes ago. Blame social media. Blame the web. Blame the moon. But all that lovely disruption comes at a price. No worries: inflation will reduce the risk.




Media in Italy

Financial publisher with financial problems tries reorganization
"No easy solutions exist"

No company hides from the takeover masters
media on the menu


Fake News, Hate Speech and Propaganda

Trust in media varies by distance
perhaps from the Sun


Total eclipse of the news media
endless battle, not unwinnable


The Curse Everybody Knows But No Body Wants To Tackle
women and children first As the digital revolution matures no one is left speechless. We share. We shout. We are connected. We are confused. Immense wealth and endless utility have defined the digital dividend along with a poverty of opportunity and understanding. These are still big days for fake news.



ftm Radio Page
Digital Radio

Digital transition benefits some more than others
"a plus for the bottom line"

Radio Measurement

Scandal past, measurement update introduced
faster, better, different

Radio Advertising

Online business supports traditional media
radio advertising "record breaking"

Radio in Germany

The Audience Could Be Pushing, Pulling Or Just Changing
behold! With digital transition firmly taking hold of the fertile imagination, attention spans notwithstanding, firm data is ground control. More data should yield greater understanding. Indeed, it does. But that depends on what, exactly, folks want to understand. After that, everything is just as complex as it was last week.



Sports Rights

Sports rights and the rich telecoms
broadcasters fight for scraps


Social Media

Cool for kids, investors swoon, ads to follow


Online News

Publisher fights back by banning dumb trolls
“take the edge off”


Press/Media Freedom

Reporters have had enough from harassing politicians
“towards self-censorship”


Autocrats Face Sharpened Pen
very sharp The old ways are definitely out for news reporting. The new normal is a news cycle measured in micro-seconds and defined by social media. Autocrats expect reporters to recite the press releases and dig no more. Those who dare challenge are banished, jail to follow. And it creeps across borders.




The Whole (Media) World Is Watching
eye screen Anybody even vaguely associated with journalism and the news media is consummately aware that the month-old US presidential administration is hell-bent on discouraging any reporting less than fawning from appearing in print, on television, radio or online. To discourage is far too mild; try crush. A key advisor referred many times last week to the news media as an “opposition party” to be fought “every day,” without any sense of irony, at a far-right political conference. “Oh, this could be messy,” to quote Alanis Morissette.




Rupert Murdoch

Still the man behind the curtain