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Big Business

Broadcaster waves sign for the exit
other games more interesting


Press Freedom

It was a day like all days in this brave new media world
not quite OK

Journalists, refugees in their own land
“We have to stop it”


Media in Germany

Who will care about big events once they leave free TV?
a quandary

Satire and comedy, cures for the common malaise
the joke’s on them


Fake News, Hate Speech and Propaganda

Truth Is Not Hostile, Beware
pay no attention Truth is truth. The earth is round and orbits the sun. A few people hold a divergent point of view, which is wholly respected when argued with reason, however flawed. And those opinions are now readily accessible, thanks, in part, to the digital dividend. Truth has become paralyzed by disruption feeding on fears and insecurities.



Words Have Meaning, Or They Did Once
truth off Giants of the universe are pondering their fate. Threatened by deep pools of retching bile, they sense increasing danger. Less fleet than the effluence encroaching, they are mounting a defence. It will be expensive but money is no object when survival is at risk.



ftm Radio Page
Radio in Germany

So much audio content calls for another mobile app
“situational collections”

Radio in France

Big city listeners totally absorb news, and a few jokes
music, not so much

There’s good news, bad news and really bad news
blame the measurement

Radio in the UK

Spreading the radio wealth a digital possibility
“crown jewels”

Radio in Hungary

National radio no more, none expected
and no surprise

Radio in Austria

Heels dug in on digital transition
rules are, well, rules

Radio in the Czech Republic

Regional channels suffer as reach falls
National news channel rises

Public Broadcasting

Political appointments not budgets determine public broadcasters fate
rehabilitate this


The Millennials

Time Shifting And The Rule Of Television
feet up Very few really believe television is going away anytime soon. Its place in the world is writ large in indelible ink. The future is shifting, thanks to technology. Demography - the counting of people - is even more inevitable. Be nice to the Millennials.





The Staggered Rise Of The Millennial Brand
another selfie The media sphere pays earnest attention to everything timely, serious or not. Millennials are the it. Despair has come over everybody older, particularly those knocked over by a kid buried in their smartphone, literally and figuratively. Generalizations about them are entertaining but not very illuminating. All we really know is that we’ve seen this all before.



International Broadcasting

It may seem smaller there days but the world is still a very big place
“more free expression”


TV News

Election coverage on the horizon, TV news channel sheds staff
“hot news channel”

News on the move, like it or not
oh, the possibilities