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Media in the Western Balkans

Beware, Crusading Newspapers: Punishment Comes
the eyes have it The closing of a newspaper does not attract much attention these days. Economics are unforgiving, we’ve learned. And no media platform can escape. There are other pressures, equally powerful, ready to crush.


Media in Ukraine

Regulator rejects fashion statement


Fake News, Hate Speech and Propaganda

Media regulator again applies law to hate speech
"violations are repeated"

Media crackdown feared after media crackdown
"no slippery slopes"

A rear-guard action in the fake news war
"increasingly unsafe"


Media in Germany

Publisher rails on public broadcasting, invokes North Korea
"should mind their own houses"


TV Land

Risk-averse media descends into the eye of turbulence
"There's always something to occupy the inquiring mind."


Media Rules & Rulers

When You’re In A Hole, Threaten The Shovel
doodliedoodliedo The world changes. Some are OK with this, others not so much. Corporate media strategies, too, adapt to the times, some more reluctantly than others. The quest for scale endures. It doesn’t always fix the problem. A toxic brand has few options.



Brands and Branding

No patience for toxic brands as PR firm fails
"bringing the industry into disrepute"


ftm Radio Page
Digital Radio

Digital transition: turning off and not turning back
alternative facts

Broadcasters agree digital transition in the hands of politicians, nothing else
"enormous opportunity"

Digital radio shuttered, censorship blamed
"parochial and inward-looking"

Radio in Germany

More local programming promised as foreign network exits
"We see the opportunity"

Radio and Music

Workplace listening: be kind to colleagues and careful with the image
No rap


The Happy Advertising People

Easy Fun Is Breaking The Digital Bank
bingo! For two centuries and two decades advertising people have enjoyed a privileged life. They have benefitted from one innovation after another designed to display messages from product makers and service suppliers. The advertising people charged fees and commissions for this service. The digital revolution made them very happy; more opportunities for billable service. Profits grew exponentially. Alas, what the profit margins giveth, the digital gods taketh away and the advertising people are having a bit of a mid-life crisis.


Media in South East Asia

Dictators Firm In Commitment To End Media Freedom
no news is no news Every crisis is an opportunity for the world’s authoritarian rulers. Removing critical voices enhances their positions, they believe. Jailing reporters and editors is easy, like chasing away media support organizations. The real bonus for dictators is closing publishers and broadcasters.


Elections and Media

Politicians And Media Owners Trade Shoes, No Perfect Fit
iron boot Elections bring out the best and worst in news media. The klieg light shines on all parties and their candidates. All is fair, except when it’s not. Alternative media - otherwise known as fake news - relies not on gathering and reporting but rather on twists, turns and other distortion. Some voters are attracted to the noise, loudness prevailing. Others suffer the torment of ill-fitting shoes.


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